"Creole Moon The Betrayal is written to a high standard, and the plot is both well developed and engaging – moving along at a good pace. ST Holmes’ style really draws you into the story and will keep you guessing to the end. This is a real page turner and chapter by chapter I was intrigued and couldn’t put the book down. The descriptions of the bizarre and mystical happenings are vividly portrayed in this immensely imaginative story."

Reviewed By Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

"While the author begins with what appears to be a compelling romance, a woman saved from her dangerous campaigns against slavery, it expands into mysticism as the unexpected occurs, people die and their bodies are consumed by evil spirits. Be careful what you wish for? George wished for too many things and evil drove him to pursue his wishes until the curse consumed him. This is a very clever story."

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

"I very much enjoyed Creole Moon: The Betrayal. Author S.T. Holmes has done a fantastic job in creating characters that readers will connect with, relate to, care about and think of long after the last page is finished."

Reviewed By Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite

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