Brief Synopsis

Creole Moon – The Betrayal is a fantasy twisted love story involving betrayal, love, lost and survival in the harshest most unimaginable environment.  The setting is in the Louisiana swamp during the 1800s. 

Sgt. George Francis Genois, an officer in the Confederate army, returns to his hometown to celebrate the wedding of his twin brother, Gerald. Mystical events throw him in the path of Jewella Du Viller, a fiery rebellious young woman from his past. George sees her standing on the river bank near some rough elements and senses she is in over her head. He whisks her away from perceived danger. Later, he discovers she is the sister of a childhood friend.  Under a Creole Moon, a spell is casted on George by Mamuska and Ophelia, the priest and priestess of the swamp. He falls madly in love with Jewella and proposes marriage, but before the wedding can take place, she is arrested for treason.  Will George be able to save Jewella and survive the spell of the Creole Moon?