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 New Xulon Paranormal Fiction Delves Deeply Into The Supernatural

Holmes mixes her imagination with swamp tales to pen a sophisticated story of love 

MAITLAND, FL— Within the pages of S.T. Holmes’s new book, Creole Moon The Betrayal, ($15.49, paperback, 9781498450690; $0.00) readers will enjoy a paranormal fantasy of love and betrayal – where the hero survives in the harsh Louisiana swamp. Sgt. George Francis Genois, an officer in the Confederate army, returns to his hometown to celebrate the wedding of his twin brother Gerald. Mystical events throw him in the path of Jewella Du Viller, a fiery rebellious young woman. George whisks her away from perceived danger. He later discovers she is the sister of a childhood friend and falls madly in love with her. He proposes marriage. Before the wedding can take place, she is arrested for treason. George is forced to abandon his military aspirations to save the woman he loves. The question is … will George be able to save Jewella?

 “This is a work of fiction that deals with the darker side of life,” states the author. “It is very much in tune with the current feelings of love, lost, helplessness and destruction. I want the readers to be transported from their own life and become absorbed in the life of the characters in the story.”